Catalysts and Technologies for Lubricant Base Oils

Catalysts and Technologies for Lubricant Base OilsThe Diagnosis

In some regions, lubricant base oils are providing better economics for refiners than middle distillates, stemming from:

  • Projected 31% increase in demand for Group II and Group III lubricant base oils between 2017 and 2027 [Kline Data]
  • Production moving away from solvent-based plants towards those based on catalytic hydroprocessing and hydrofinishing technology

The Discovery

Leveraging Shell Catalysts and Technologies' powerful suite of licensed technologies, catalysts and technical services, refinery and plant operators can expect to:

  • Expand capacity cost-effectively
  • Reduce capital and operating costs
  • Ensure key product properties such as the viscosity index meet the specifications

Learn how both new and existing operators can capitalize on the demand for Group II & III Base Oils

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