Catalyst Performance a Priority for High-Value Base Oils

Industry changes have impacted the lubricant base oil business and the transition is affecting solvent-based plants. These changes are creating an industry-wide move from using solvent-based plants to those using catalytic hydroprocessing, dewaxing, and hydrofinishing technology. 

Learn How Shell Catalysts & Technologies Can Help Achieve & Exceed Base Oil Goals By:

  • Assisting in the selection and application of the best catalyst for the plant.
  • Getting the most Group II and Group III production for maximum value.
  • Developing insights into key areas to meet market demands.
  • Enabling customers to obtain stable and highly saturated Group II and III base oils at maximum yield. 
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Download our whitepaper to discover how you can achieve high yields and top quality base oils with our hydrotreating and hydrocracking, dewaxing, and hydrofinishing catalytic technology. 

Catalysts for High-Quality Base Oils