Key insights from the first wave of blue hydrogen projects

We’ve learned a lot about the Shell Blue Hydrogen Process since commercialising in 2020.

In that time, Shell Catalysts & Technologies engaged in about 50 potential projects around the world. These projects included heavy energy users striving to lower the carbon intensity of their products, single entities looking to convert natural gas to clean fuel and consortiums involving a number of smaller emitters collaborating with an anchor emitter.

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  • An analysis of the scope, type and location of the blue hydrogen projects 
  • Discussion of technical factors including pressure and quality of the feed gas and desired hydrogen
  • Important insights into key success factors for hubs and clusters



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Nick Flinn
VP Decarbonisation Technologies

Pavan Chilukuri
Director Decarbonisation Technologies

Justin Swain
Strategic Marketing Manager

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Key insights from the first wave of blue hydrogen projects