Discover How a Simple Treating Line-Up with Sulfinol-X Increased Gas Processing Capacity for a Large Refinery


The industry’s leading, regenerable sulphur dioxide (SO2) control technology

Shell Cansolv SO2 scrubbing system

Strict environmental regulations, both at the refinery and in refined product markets, put pressure on a refiner to limit SO2 emissions and to generate refined products that contain less organic sulphur. 

Refiners need to consider:

  • Meeting ultra-low SOemissions limits
  • Increasing the capacity of sulphur recovery units
  • Maximising the use of high-sulphur residue fuels

Read the Shell Catalysts & Technologies CANSOLV SOScrubbing System Fact Sheet

Learn how refiners can meet these challenges by leveraging next-gen technology a detailed process description of our patented technology.

Our regenerable SO2 scrubbing systems have been deployed in 20+ plants worldwide and have proven that SO2 emissions of <20 ppm can be achieved. 

Reduce plant emissions and increase production capacity.

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