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Retrofitting CO2 capture in existing steam methane reforming (SMR) hydrogen units

Does your refinery or chemical plant have a steam methane reforming (SMR) based hydrogen manufacturing unit (HMU)?

Are you striving to meet your carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions mandate?

Evermore stringent worldwide legislation means that many refiners and chemical plants have mandates to reduce their CO2 emissions substantially. For this, carbon capture, utilisation and storage is widely regarded as one of the most effective decarbonisation solutions. An SMR-based HMU provides a major opportunity because it creates significant CO2 emissions.

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring insights and Q&A with Laurent Thomas, Licensing Technology Manager.

In this webinar, we:

  • examine the key elements of a typical HMU and explain the options for CO2 capture

  • conduct a cost-benefit comparison of installing pre- and post-combustion technologies at a typical HMU  

  • provide a real-world example from the Athabasca oil sands project in Canada, where Shell is capturing more than 1 mt/y of CO2 from SMR streams and generating valuable lessons for future projects.

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