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Ethylene oxide unit revamp scenario 

Ethylene_scenarioAs ethylene oxide producers re-examine operating and investment plans, it is important to consider alternative ways to improve profitability such as:

  • Debottlenecking to run harder and reduce unit production costs
  • Adding or increasing high-purity EO (HPEO) capacity to improve margins and diversify the product portfolio
  • Lowering the carbon dioxide level to allow catalysts to run longer and at higher selectivity
  • Operating at lower rates to maximise selectivity and lifetime from the catalyst
  • Increasing energy efficiency

The right choice depends on the local market environment and the drivers of each producer and each site. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ tailored revamps are carefully designed to help you meet your objectives and may involve:

  • Studies to evaluate the optimum response for your specific situation
  • Our latest-generation catalysts, such as the high-performance catalyst family that has a high initial selectivity, offers slow performance decline, can operate at high work rates and is tolerant of high carbon dioxide concentrations
  • Our world-leading process technologies, which are the most widely used in the industry
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Thrive in the new reality

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