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FCC-PT/FCC unit revamp scenario

Ethylene_scenarioIn today’s environment, yield shift flexibility and low-cost operations can be key to competitiveness. Refiners could consider revamping FCC-PT and FCC units to:

  • Process more-difficult, low-value feeds
  • Increase petrochemical yields
  • Optimise on-stream days for better turnaround alignment

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ FCC-PT and FCC experts have developed the know-how and experience to help refineries meet the economic ambitions for their units by implementing optimum integrated solutions. Explore the FCC-PT/FCC unit revamp scenario for solutions and case studies that show how a:

  • Shell US West Coast facility increased safety and reliability along with margins
  • European refiner plans to unlock performance gains
  • Shell US Gulf Coast facility increased feed flexibility and boosted bottoms conversion
  • US refiner plans to maximise on-stream days, reduce costs and align turnaround cycles
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Thrive in the new reality

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