Customer briefing note

Affordable Blue Hydrogen

Are you...

  • …under pressure to decarbonise your existing operations? 

  • …a resource holder looking for ways to thrive through the energy transition and create value from natural gas by becoming a low-carbon energy producer?

Today’s hydrogen production is carbon intensive. Green hydrogen (from the electrolysis of water using renewable power) is likely to be a long-term solution, but may not achieve cost parity with “blue” hydrogen, which is produced from natural gas with carbon capture utilisation and storage.

Download this customer briefing note to learn the advantages of the Shell Blue Hydrogen Process (SBHP) such as how: 

  • Low-carbon blue hydrogen will be part of the future energy mix and the SBHP offers a lower levellised cost of hydrogen than alternative line-ups.

  • The technologies that make up the SBHP are proven at the 500-t/d scale in multiple, longstanding applications worldwide. 

  • Shell is a market leader in developing full-scale CCUS projects.


Download the customer brief to learn how refiners and resource holders can produce affordable blue hydrogen.


Download the brief

Discover the benefits of affordable blue hydrogen