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Hydrocracker revamp scenario

Hydrocracking_scenarioLow-capital revamp opportunities can deliver high returns quickly. Refinery operators can respond dynamically to market changes by taking advantage of the hydrocracker’s inherent flexibility to:

  • Shift towards petrochemicals
  • Improve residue conversion
  • Produce lubricant base oil feed
  • Process advantaged crudes and difficult feeds

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has worked with refiners worldwide to help them increase capacity, adjust conversion to impact yield profile, and extend cycle length by increasing crude flexibility or mitigating fouling.

Explore the hydrocracker revamp scenario to find out how:

  • Hyundai Oilbank’s refinery shifted to a heavier, lower-cost crude blend
  • Shell’s Pernis refinery revamped its HYCON residue hydroprocessing unit to a DAO hydrocracker
  • Shell’s Norco refinery revamped its hydrocracker to maximise diesel instead of naphtha
  • SASREF increased diesel yield, cycle length and safety with a low-cost hydrocracker revamp
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