Increase Efficiency of Sour Gas Sweetening

Sour Gas Side Image

The Diagnosis:

Does your current plant struggle with uncertain, complex, or sour gas quality?

Are you seeking a solution for:

  • Treating sour feed
  • Lowering specs
  • Increasing capacity
  • Alleviating process and foaming issues
  • Efficiently removing contaminants

The Discovery:

Watch the Webinar: How to Effectively Process Complex Gas

Listen in as Isabel Conradus (Licensed Technology Manager for Shell Gas and Chemicals) and Gary Bowerbank (Manager of Gas Processing Design, Shell) explain how:

  • The Shell Sulfinol-X hybrid solvent combines the advantages of physical and amine solvents, to provide, up to 32% lower CapEx,
  • 10-30% lower OpEx, and
  • 15-30% lower lifecycle costs

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