Improve Hydrocracker Efficiency and Product Yields

Watch the Webinar: Nano-engineered Zeolites in Hydrocracking Catalysts – Unlocking Ultimate Performance

Refiners are increasing process severity to include difficult feeds and advantaged crudes. 

These innovations require improved catalysts and conversion processes in the hydrocracker unit. Yet, hydrocracking performance has been limited by cracking reaction constraints.

In this webinar, you'll learn how Shell’s Molecular Access Catalysts for Hydrocrackers (MACH), a new nano-engineered technology, has unlocked zeolite catalyst constraints by:

  • Increasing the efficiency of molecule conversion.
  • Utilising valuable hydrogen molecules and improving the cracking system's stability.
  • Controlling the mesopores’ volume, pore size, and design to work most effectively with molecules.

Access the webinar to learn how hydrocracking efficiency can improve operational profitability.

Learn how to improve efficiency and product yields.

Watch the Webinar