Unlock Value From Your Hydrogenation Unit

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Watch the Webinar: Capturing additional value from your hydrogenation unit

GM Chemical Catalysts Technology, Paul Himelfarb and Technical Services Director, Clive Griffiths discuss:

  • Optimising catalyst selection 
  • A technical dive into deactivation mechanisms
  • Integrated methods for enhancing unit performance

Key Takeaways:

Catalyst selection is key to enhancing unit economics. Potential margin improvements from resolving operational issues can be immense.

Value Estimates Include:

  • Increase feed rate for $7.7 million a year value
  • Lower cost feed from higher sulphur tolerance - a value of $7.3 million a year
  • Produce higher value products (e.g. White Oil) estimated value of $15.9 million a year.


Watch the Webinar