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Drivers and strategy for developing CCS 

Do you work in a hard-to-abate industry? 

Are you under pressure to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to protect your competitive edge and contribute to meeting national and regional targets?

Driven by emissions trading schemes, CO2 levies, tax credits and demand for lower-carbon products, a growing number of refiners and heavy industries are investing in carbon capture and storage (CCS) or joining CCS clusters. However, many businesses are unsure of which decarbonisation path will meet their needs and how they can use CCS effectively.

View the recent on-demand webinar and Q&A with:

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Syrie Crouch
VP Carbon Capture Storage,
Shell U.K. Limited

Simon O'Brien
Quest Subsurface Manager,


Justin Swain
Licensing Marketing Manager
Gas Processing Technologies

In this on-demand webinar, we:

  • discuss decarbonisation drivers;

  • explain Shell's CCS strategy;

  • introduce Shell's CCS project; and

  • share our operating experience from the Quest CCS project.

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*Shell’s operating plan, outlook and budgets are forecasted for a ten-year period and are updated every year. They reflect the current economic environment and what we can reasonably expect to see over the next ten years. Accordingly, Shell’s operating plans, outlooks, budgets and pricing assumptions do not reflect our net-zero emissions target. In the future, as society moves towards net-zero emissions, we expect Shell’s operating plans, outlooks, budgets and pricing assumptions to reflect this movement.

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