SCOT ULTRA Performance: Design and Operations

  • Is your tail gas treating system running close to its limits? 
  • Are you vulnerable to sudden upsets? Is solvent cooling challenging? 
  • Do you need to lower OPEX/carbon intensity, increase capacity, or reduce/avoid CAPEX?
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Access our on-demand webinar to learn how to maximise your tail gas treating process.
Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ SCOT* ULTRA tail-gas treating process with the Huntsman JEFFTREAT# Solvent, which offers a step-change in the performance of the well-established SCOT process, is now operating in multiple facilities.

In this webinar, we share information based on proprietary simulations and commercial operations that offers insight into its ability to: 

  • lower OPEX and decrease carbon intensity by up to 40%
  • better resist hydrogen sulphide and temperature upsets
  • handle downturns and changing crude slate and upstream gas composition
  • lower CAPEX for greenfield developments 

Access the on-demand webinar for insights into how SCOT ULTRA can help you to meet challenges in today’s cash-constrained, decarbonising world.

*SCOT is a Shell trademark.
#JEFFTREAT is a Huntsman trademark

Access the on-demand webinar

SCOT ULTRA Performance: Design and Operations