Unlocking more value from your EO asset 

Are you an ethylene oxide (EO) producer looking for no- or low-capex ways to improve your profitability?

Are you under pressure to improve your performance, but capital constrained?

These are challenging times for EO producers. As a consequence of the challenging environment due to factors including the COVID-19 pandemic, volatile energy prices and trade disruption, many are under pressure to find ways to maintain their competitiveness while operating at reduced rates and in a highly volatile and uncertain market. When margins were good, the focus was on maximising production. What can EO producers do now?

View the recent on-demand webinar and Q&A with:

Peter-Stewart-Headshot Rebeca-gonzalez-200x200 Haris-Shah-200x200

Peter Stewart
Global Business Manager, EO Catalyst & Licensing

Rebeca González
Licensing Technology Manager for EO/EG

Haris Shah
EO Business Manager for EMEAR Region (moderator)

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • small process changes that can often have significant margin impacts;
  • common misconceptions when evaluating and comparing catalysts; and
  • the wide range of ways in which EO units can be revamped to improve profitability, from lowering the carbon dioxide levels to increase energy efficiency.

*Shell’s operating plan, outlook and budgets are forecasted for a ten-year period and are updated every year. They reflect the current economic environment and what we can reasonably expect to see over the next ten years. Accordingly, Shell’s operating plans, outlooks, budgets and pricing assumptions do not reflect our net-zero emissions target. In the future, as society moves towards net-zero emissions, we expect Shell’s operating plans, outlooks, budgets and pricing assumptions to reflect this movement.

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Unlocking more value from your EO asset