Thriving in the new reality

Reactor internals revamp scenario


Many refiners are operating below their normal throughput and running equipment far away from their design points, which can expose or cause unit operation issues including:

  • Radial maldistribution
  • Channelling of liquid flow
  • Pressure drop limitations

Further challenges include fouling and shifting from crude oil towards petrochemicals.

Shell’s latest-generation reactor internals are designed to resolve these issues for relatively low capital expenditure. Read the reactor internals revamp scenario to find out how: 

  • PKN ORLEN's Plock refinery eliminated pressure-drop limitations
  • BP-Husky Toledo refinery unlocked high performance from its ageing hydrocracker
  • SASREF increased diesel yield, cycle length, and safety with a low-cost hydrocracker revamp
  • Petrobras moved to ULSD without having to invest in additional reactors or equipment
  • Preem increased its hydrocracker's diesel yield and eliminated thermal maldistribution
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Thrive in the new reality

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