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Are you unlocking the most value from your hydroprocessing unit?

Shell Catalysts & Technologies recently hosted a webinar discussing how to unlock substantially more value with latest-generation reactor internals.

  • Has it been a challenge to achieve any particular product spec?
  • Have you had any difficulties in achieving your desired cycle length?
  • Has your reactor shown signs of fouling, high-pressure drop, or thermal maldistribution?
  • Is reactor internals maintenance a critical path activity during your turnaround?

If you answered YES to any of these, Shell Reactor Internals could be the solution

With over 30 years of technology development and engineering process management, Shell Catalysts & Technologies has created custom-designed solutions for more than 1,700 reactors all over the world. Will your reactor be our next project?

Originally aired August 19th, 2019, watch technology experts Julien Sigaud (Senior Hydroprocessing Technologist) and Remco Schilthuizen (Mechanical Static Engineer) discuss how reactor internals are addressing known problem areas with examples from their 500+ designed hydroprocessing units and how Shell Catalysts & Technologies can help you unlock substantially more value.

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