Bringing Clarity to Complexity: Developing Your Renewable Fuels Roadmap

Are you a refiner striving to comply with biofuels legislation or to capture valuable biofuels business opportunities?

Do you have concerns about the capital cost or your ability to future-proof your investment?

Driven by a need to comply with legislation, decarbonise their businesses or capitalise on the opportunity to improve profitability, a growing number of refiners are investigating their options for producing biofuels.

However, with the energy landscape changing quickly and capital in short supply, many are unsure when – or how – to act.

In this webinar, we:

  • discuss the drivers that are increasing the use of biofuels around the world

  • highlight the economic incentives for processing biofuels

  • review the main renewable fuels technology pathways, which include hydrotreatment, gasification, and pyrolysis

  • propose a phased biofuels investment strategy, which could help you avoid a regret investment

Watch our on-demand webinar featuring insights and Q&A with Chris Egby, Downstream Licensing Marketing Manager, Bart Suijkerbuijk, Global Licensing Development Manager, and moderator Nick Flinn, Vice President Technology Licensing and Services. 

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