Shell Hycon Moving Bed Technology

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Enable improved hydrocracking unit (HCU) or residue hydrodesulphurisation (RHDS) unit performance while processing high-metals-content crudes.

The Contents

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • Shell's Hycon moving bed technology 
  • How to debottleneck existing assets with low-cost revamps
  • A real-world application of Shell Hycon MB technology

Are you a refiner that...

  • is interested in processing high-metals crudes such as Maya?
  • has an RHDS unit constrained by the maximum allowable metals content in the feed?
  • is looking for a low-cost option for residue conversion?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this resource is for you. 

Discover how to increase crude flexibility and extend cycle length.

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