Minimal to no capital expenditure with Shell Catalysts & Technologies' ADIP-X or Sulfinol-X technology.

Switching to ADIP-X or Sulfinol-X

Operators in the oil and gas industry are in search of solutions to reduce operating costs and de-bottleneck existing plants.

The accelerated reaction kinetics of ADIP-X and Sulfinol-X can achieve both higher plant performance and operational stability.

By switching to ADIP-X or Sulfinol-X, operators can:

  • Enhance treating performance
  • Reduce steam requirements with lower solvent circulation rates and heats of reaction
  • Increase reliability with low levels of foaming, fouling, degradation, and corrosion
  • Increase facility CO2 or organic sulphur removal capacity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate solvent reclamation
Download the Switching to ADIP-X or Sulfinol Fact Sheet to discover how to enhance the economics of acid gas removal.

Learn how ADIP-X and Sulfinol-X de-bottleneck existing plants and help to reduce operating costs.

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