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Vacuum distillation revamp scenario

HVU_scenarioThe performance of a vacuum distillation unit (VDU) can have a major bearing on a refinery’s margins:

  • It is the last opportunity to remove valuable distillates from crude and to minimise refinery fuel oil make
  • It improves the feed quality for the downstream conversion units (hydrocracking or fluidised catalytic cracking units) and is a major determinant of their cycle lengths

Consequently, a VDU revamp offers refiners a major margin-improvement opportunity. Revamping these units using Shell’s deep-flash, high-vacuum technology can often be a low-cost way to unlock downstream assets. Read the VDU revamp scenario to find out how this revamp technology can:

  • Increase vacuum gas oil yield
  • Enhance unit throughput and improve unit reliability
  • Ensure that contaminant levels remain within the conversion units’ acceptability limits

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