Refiners are under tremendous pressure to increase margins and profitability from their distillate units.

Many are meeting these goals by processing heavier and more refractory feeds such as light cycle oil (LCO) or light coker gas oil (LCGO), and by evaluating options to make more (and cleaner) diesel from difficult, high margin crudes while extending catalyst cycle life.

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Shell Catalysts & Technologies empowers refiners with the flexibility to respond to these challenges with CENTERA GT catalysts, such as DN-3638 and DC-2638, the most innovative hydroprocessing technologies that incorporate enhancements to the impregnation chemistry and structure of active metal sites.

These create additional activity improvements:

  • Hydrodesulphurisation (HDS)
  • Hydrodenitrogenation (HDN)
  • Higher aromatic hydrogenation activity
  • Enhanced volume swell
  • Stability even in the toughest of feeds


Maximise Value From Your DHT Unit