Discover How a Simple Treating Line-Up with Sulfinol-X Increased Gas Processing Capacity for a Large Refinery

Learn how latest-generation catalysts can take your HVO unit to the next level

Is your HVO unit experiencing …

  • Fouling or plugging due to phosphorus?
  • Build-up of CO and CO2?
  • Issues with difficult feeds such as animal fats (tallow), including suboptimal dewaxing and cold flow properties?

If so, then it may be necessary to reconsider your HVO catalyst solution.

As the energy transition gathers pace, more refiners are shifting to the production of renewable fuels. HVO production, however, is challenging. Refiners, therefore, need a catalyst system that is flexible and adaptable and that enables the HVO unit to maintain optimal performance regardless of the feed.

Download the Shell Renewables Catalysts (SRC) briefing note to discover how you can maximise yields and handle a wide range of biofeeds with our SRC portfolio.

Take your HVO unit to the next level

Download the briefing note