Thriving in the new reality

Out of uncertainty comes opportunity 

Refinery operators are adopting a conservative approach to capital investment while preparing for changing energy trends ahead.


Download the executive brief by Paul Rek, Vice President Technology Licensing and Services, to learn about the benefits of making strategic investments with a refinery revamp including:

  • Low capital expenditure

The cost can be as low as a few million dollars to generate higher upgrade margins within single units up to $100–500 million, realising significant changes in refinery configuration.

  • High returns

The cost per tonne of the capacity installed during a revamp is about 20–50% of that for a grass-roots facility.


Over several weeks, you will also receive: 

  • Interviews with our global revamp experts

    Learn about market challenges and solutions in regions including the Middle East, Americas, and Asia.
  • Scenarios focusing on six technology applications

    Learn about how upgrades have been applied to benefit customer sites.
Download the executive brief

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Thrive in the new reality

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