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WHITE PAPER: Integrated solutions to drive revenue and minimize pressure drop

Improve Pygas Hydrogenation Reliability

Reactor operators have growing pressure to add revenue streams while meeting stringent product specifications. Pygas, a by-product of ethylene production, has limited commercial value in its raw form due to its high reactivity and low stability. However, it contains many high-value components such as isoprene, benzene, toluene and xylenes, which can be extracted through multiple processing arrangements.

Download our white paper to learn how you can avoid production losses and additional operating and maintenance costs. The following problems have led to frequent shutdowns and catalyst regenerations and/or changes:

  • Reactor plugging (pressure drop build-up)
  • Short catalyst cycles through activity loss
  • Off-specification product

With properly designed and implemented modifications, the result can be a highly reliable operating unit that meets or exceeds product specification targets. Our white paper examines pygas processing issues in detail by reviewing specific commercial examples and presenting the solutions and results.


Download the Whitepaper