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Make Every Molecule Matter

Something as small as a series of chemical reactions can have a profound impact on the health of our planet and its people. This is why Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ mission is to Make Every Molecule Matter.

Why changes are required

Climate change is a global challenge that no one person, company or country is wholly equipped to solve. Nonetheless, one thing is certain: to limit rising global temperatures, substantial changes are required. Watch this brief video to learn how Shell Catalysts & Technologies fits into this equation through more and cleaner energy solutions.

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(Introspective music)

00:00:05,010 --> 00:00:08,220
Narrator: The oil and gas industry is transforming.

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Refinery operators are focused

00:00:09,809 --> 00:00:12,150
on their sustainability commitments,

00:00:12,150 --> 00:00:15,360
reducing debt, increasing capital investments,

00:00:15,360 --> 00:00:17,820
and modernizing business models.

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Meanwhile, uncertainty abounds.

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Refiners are faced with challenges,

00:00:22,560 --> 00:00:24,780
including oil price volatility,

00:00:24,780 --> 00:00:26,790
changing consumer preferences,

00:00:26,790 --> 00:00:30,000
and pressure to decarbonize faster.

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When facing these dilemmas,

00:00:31,740 --> 00:00:34,230
how can refiners make smart investments

00:00:34,230 --> 00:00:37,020
and maintain their competitive position?

00:00:37,020 --> 00:00:39,300
We need to start making smart changes

00:00:39,300 --> 00:00:41,910
to minimize the impact of market volatility

00:00:41,910 --> 00:00:44,550
and prepare for the future.

00:00:44,550 --> 00:00:46,920
At Shell Catalysts & Technologies,

00:00:46,920 --> 00:00:49,740
we see this as a time for reinvention.

00:00:49,740 --> 00:00:53,130
Out of uncertainty comes opportunity.

00:00:53,130 --> 00:00:54,810
Through refinery revamps,

00:00:54,810 --> 00:00:57,750
our experts can help transform operations

00:00:57,750 --> 00:00:59,370
and optimize efficiency

00:00:59,370 --> 00:01:03,330
by co-creating tailored solutions for existing assets.

00:01:03,330 --> 00:01:06,030
With extensive owner-operator experience,

00:01:06,030 --> 00:01:09,150
and more than three decades of working with third parties,

00:01:09,150 --> 00:01:13,500
we have the expertise to uncover cutting edge optimizations.

00:01:13,500 --> 00:01:17,040
Revamps often require minimal capital expenditure.

00:01:17,040 --> 00:01:20,850
Even complex revamps may only cost 20 to 50%

00:01:20,850 --> 00:01:24,210
of the capital required to build a new unit.

00:01:24,210 --> 00:01:26,730
This means that upgrading your existing assets

00:01:26,730 --> 00:01:29,640
can yield a significantly quicker return on investment

00:01:29,640 --> 00:01:32,310
compared to building a grassroots unit.

00:01:32,310 --> 00:01:33,690
And most importantly,

00:01:33,690 --> 00:01:37,950
revamps can help refiners thrive in the new reality.

00:01:37,950 --> 00:01:40,620
Let's collaborate to discover how your refinery

00:01:40,620 --> 00:01:44,520
can enhance margins and emerge stronger and safer.

00:01:44,520 --> 00:01:49,520
To get started, go to catalysts.shell.com/revamp.

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Digital Media

What is a catalyst?

This video explains how these tiny pellets can help create cleaner energy and products from a wide range of feedstocks and aid refiners in reducing energy intensity and achieving net zero emission goals.

Title: What is a catalyst?

Duration: 2:27 minutes


This video explains how these tiny pellets can help create cleaner energy and products from a wide range of feedstocks and aid refiners in reducing energy intensity and achieving net zero emission goals. 

What is a catalyst? Transcript 

Transcript Body

[Background music plays]

Calm and thoughtful music

[Animated sequence]

Animation of mechanical towers of energy sectors.

Ever-increasing global energy demands and environmental concerns have forced us to seek a transition to cleaner, sustainable, and more efficient energy alternatives. 


[Background music plays]

Music swells


But who would've thought that one of the most effective solutions for energy efficiency would present itself in something so small?


[Animated sequence]

Animation of hand holding pill-shaped catalyst, transitioning to animation of a variety of catalysts.


[Background music plays]

Music changes to hopeful electronic music


This is a catalyst. What appears to be a simple inert pellet is in actuality so much more. With innovations to its composition, size, shape, and presented in numbers, these little guys enable the production of more and cleaner energy from a wide range of available feed stocks.


[Text display]

More, Cleaner Energy


[Animated sequence]

Animation transition to a stylized refinery.


When used in fuel production, they can reduce pollutant precursors, such as sulfur; improving fuel quality for reduced emissions. They can be nano-engineered to react at a molecular level; enabling refiners to meet stringent emission mandates.


[Animated sequence]

Animation of a cloud of catalysts shaped into various objects.


[Background music plays]

The music transitions to upbeat and drums are added. 


Biofuels, waste to fuels, and sustainable aviation fuels, as well as plastics, medical equipment, and shoes are all made through catalytic processes.


[Animated sequence]

Animation transitions to a laboratory environment, then a refinery.


At Shell Catalysts & Technologies, we are developing state-of-the-art catalysts that react with less heat, electricity, or steam in order to help refinery operators reduce energy intensity and achieve net-zero emission goals. 


[Animated sequence]

Animation of conveyor belts moving plastic products


Our innovative research is making plastic circularity possible where new plastic products are created from recycled feed stocks. 


[Animated sequence]

Transition to a cloud of catalysts. A battery and a steel beam appear.


And we are solving catalyst reclamation and recycling to preserve precious metals for reuse in batteries and steel.


[Animated sequence]

Various catalyst shapes are shown.


At Shell Catalysts & Technologies, we know that great things come from the smallest beginnings. 


[Animated sequence]

Gyroscopic pillars representing decades go by  in chronological order.


Catalysts have and will continue to play a vital role in the energy and petrochemical industries for decades. Join us in making every molecule matter and in leading the way to a cleaner energy future.

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